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ReyRam Fly - A Lower Laguna Madre Go-To Fly

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Texas Tied Saltwater Fly


Pops named the ReyRam after Brownsville's Dr. Rey Ramirez. It is one of the earliest flies that did the most good in the entire history of Pops Flies. Pops considers the ReyRam to be one of his top GO-TO flies when the bite gets frustrating, or he just can't figure out what to throw at those uncooperative saltwater fish on the Lower Laguna Madre. Make no mistake! Yes, it works all along the Texas Gulf Coast, but Pops never heads south without at least six fresh ones in the box!

Size 8 on a stainless hook, and with some heavier eyes to get it to dig and jig into the grass and sand. NO WEED GUARDS!

Pop ties these flies

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