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Clouser Fly Chartreuse - Saltwater Fly

Saltwater Clouser Fly Top Shelf Components
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TEXAS Fly Made in Texas

Chartreuse over White seems so right! Pops always takes a handful along to the Texas Gulf Coast, and they prove deadly on the Texas jetties fly scene.


Lefty Kreh said, "If it ain't chartreuse, it ain't no use," and that is what keeps Pops tying chartreuse year-after-year! Lefty's great friend, Bob Clouser invented the fly, and it only seems fitting to use the color Lefty preached on Bob Clouser's Clouser Minnow. Comes in Stainless Steel only - a #2 or #4 hook and a choice of M or H eyes. Hint: 2=Heavy and 4=Medium. All components are salt ready.

Fly Tied in Texas by PoP!

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