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Fly Line Management Fly Line Mat - Clint V.2.0

Fly Line Management on Decks
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Fly fishing line management has never been easier than with the Clint Fly Line Mat! This fly line mat is the longest and narrowest mat on the market today. That makes it perfect for boats and skiffs with limited distance between casting platform feet and gunnel edge, or where you stand on deck and your gunnels. It measures 6" by 36" and is the only mat currently made that includes measure marks embedded on the surface! At 36-inches - this mat is easy to hit with your fly line. There is no need to look and aim at the mat. Just know where it is and STRIP! Much more convenient and longer lasting than a basket or bucket.

I make and sell these myself, here in Texas, and have been selling them for five years on this website. I have had many testimonials and reorders over the years, and I have refined this product to make it better over the years. Most fly fishing guides purchase TWO Clint mats, one for each side of their casting platform. That prevents the need to move the mat if the angle to the wind changes on the bow.

The Clint fly line mat, and all mats I sell here are guaranteed against defects in workmanship forever. Be sure to check out the other two models, the "Rounder," and the "Texas Tickler" for your specific needs.

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