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Carp Fly - Coyote Carp Fly

Carp fly for catching carp on the fly
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Texas Fly Tied in Texas

The famous Coyote Carp fly is Pops most popular original design, created by his good friend and guru JH. Yes, it is made for those picky carp tailing on hot water days, but it catches bass, panfish, catfish just as well! If it is in the neighborhood? It will eat. This is a standard for all fly boxes meant to target and catch carp in all of Texas fly fishers! Guaranteed.

It only comes in one size because it is the right size, and that is a size 8!

If you want to tie your own? Here Pops' video that shows you how to tie the Coyote Carp fly for yourself!

Texas Fly tied by Pop

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