find and watch videos on fly fishing for carp and the skiff life from my perspective


An absolutely epic season of fly fishing in North Texas and on the Texas Gulf Coast. And an epic year of recovery from cancer as well.


Video is getting more popular every day. It has made huge inroads into the fly fishing culture along the way. I enjoy making videos as a further expression of my still photography work, and the relaxed environment of fly fishing lends itself to the kind of experimentation that feeds the soul. Video creation takes a lot of time and effort when compared to still photography, so I am not surprised by so few websites having good, or many videos. Heck, I haven’t done nearly as many as I should, and some videos are started but without fish – they never see the light of day.

I am infinitely more interested in your fly fishing endeavors than I am in mine. So if you have something I need to see, feel free to let me know. If you tie flies, I would love to shoot a video of you – at my shop – tying the fly you want the world to see. These aren’t all the videos I’ve done. You can find more on YouTube at TexasFlyCaster.

Launched June 2017 – Be sure to also visit the TFC YouTube Channel for a new series of videos about technical poling skiffs, and the mods I have made to my skiff named KoKo. You’ll find inside information on where the name came from, where the mods come from, and where the skiff is going with maintenance and future mods. The approach is simple: Smart modification of a skiff that includes a) affordability (I’m no trust-funder), b) practicality, c) functionality and d) being true to the look and design of a technical poling skiff.