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| June 9, 2008

william joseph fly fishing backpack


Just a quick product notice: If you have been thinking about the William Joseph Pack Escape Model, you may have noticed the retail price at stores such as Cabella’s have taken a nosedive. There’s a too good to be true price because these packs hit the retail shelves and are still in the pipeline with a construction defect.

As nifty as the pack is, and I own one, the designers came up with a new type of latch that was “supposed” to secure the front workstations along the front straps at whatever position the user felt comfortable with. Unfortunately, they positioned these (I’ll just call them) strap-locks at the bottom rear entry point to the workstations. The straps run up through the back of the stations and then to the perfectly fine strap cinches at the top front of the shoulder harnesses. Those cinches are only to determine the length of the front straps though, not the position of the workstations on the straps. WELL, with several field uses, I can say unconditionally, the strap-locks will not hold and will never hold if they are positioned at the bottom of the front workstations. No way, never no how. If you check the image on the WJ site, you will notice they have repositioned the strap-locks to the top exit points of the workstations. In theory, this should solve their problem.

If you find this redesign on sale, do not hesitate to purchase it. I am so pleased with the overall construction and fit of the pack that I have returned mine to William Joseph to have repaired or replaced with the “New And Improved” version. It was somewhat difficult to get a response, but they did come clean about the problem immediately.

The differences are microscopic on web site images, but unless your purchase looks like the one above, you are probably experiencing difficulties in getting front work stations secured.

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