Rod Socks – Details

Are you looking for a little more cushion for your fly rod? My Fly Rod Socks are the answer. Made from pure synthetic – we all know the properties of synthetics right? – and fluffy but easy to compress.

These fly rod socks are made for average size rods, and we can make custom fly rod socks for bigger saltwater rods, spey rods and socks for two piece and three piece fly rods! So many of the older rods are two and three pieces, and since they are older your socks may have holes, or are simply rotting away.

Regardless of your fly rod’s condition – new or old – they will benefit from my rod socks.

Yes, if you wrap these properly (take your time), they will go right into your rod tubes, and travel cases.

CONTACT ME for your custom fly rod sock needs, or to place an order for those you see on this page. I will respond with price, shipping, total cost and payment methods.