Happy Thanksgiving To All

| November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you finding the time to surf the desert of the internet this Thanksgiving day! I am certainly thankful for those of you who have read and continue to  read the Texas Fly Caster (TFC) website, motivated by an infinite variety of reasons, loosely bound by the journey to find fish on fly and have a healthy and enjoyable time doing so.

I cannot recall ever having written a Thanksgiving Day USA post on TFC. I am typically focused on our Black Friday on the Fly forays, Thanksgivings years past being the prep day too busy to write about the next day(s). Today is obviously different. I have no place to go tomorrow, not a place I can physically reach, and I doubt my strength, compared to years past, to even be able to bring enough loops to rest in the presence of a fish as confounded as I.


There’s new firepower in hand, or I should say, under hands this Thanksgiving Day. Finally, and thanks to using a big box store’s whacky financing, I seized the opportunity to semi-retire the old laptop with the legendary hole worn in the space bar and broken keys, and bring a factory fresh laptop to hand. Approaching nine years of age, the old laptop, I am sure a lot of you can relate, was a ticking time bomb inside with fans constantly running to try and keep the “ancient” technology cool without causing the old laptop to actually levitate like a drone. If it weighed a fraction less, who knows? I am hopeful this new machine lasts as long and is as tough as the last. That’s because this machine, a powerful photography tool, is going to travel – travel a lot more, a lot further and a lot longer than the last.

This season, and my sedentary existence through it, has been in my face – making me see how drastically short the days are, how negative the weather is here and how little usable time there seems to be … I search for this year’s winter solstice, and find it resting solidly on December 21. And I take heart because I know we will arrive there in the blink of a lash-less eye. After that, the days get colder, but more importantly they get longer. It is, I told my wife recently, “my happiest (nature) day of the year,” and I am sticking to that proclamation.

I hardly believe I am alone in this feeling, and I’m betting we all have our own favorite nature days, and perhaps new ones on the horizon, like first full day on the skiff, first carp of the season, first fish of Name Your Season Here and so our lists go on into our own twists of individual bliss.

Have a great Thanksgiving today, and get your exercise (by blowing up your life rafts and life preservers) later today. Black Friday, said the talking-weather-heads, is bringing this part of Texas could get eight-inches of rain in the next two days. They put a bullseye right on the Red River for the most rain … imagine where that ends up?


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