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| August 14, 2017

Monday Morning Fly Fishing Week Full of Hopes Dreams

“… high on Jesus and hooked on dope …” – James McMurtry lyrics

You know, Monday Morning Sidewalks are a double-edged sword, or AT LEAST they should be. As predictable as your Monday Morning is, as you sit there in your respective bathroom stall, I am so sorry that your reading here has been mostly … far less than unpredictable.


Well, as you see in the video above, the Monday Morning Sidewalk can get “dangerously” unpredictable. Yeah, I know, this is hardly the stuff your kids will consider dangerous. It really is amazing what fly fishers consider dangerous. Maybe it’s the geographic location, leading to a cloistered sense of values, maybe it’s just a Texas thang. Probably it’s just the crowd that fly fishing attracts. I mean, we’re not exactly the cutting edge, liberal bastion of environmental activism — at lest not here … in Texas. If you DO FIT that description (liberal environmental cutting edge fly fishing activist), feel free to raise your head from your foxhole and show yourself!

Whatever it is, we gotta’ shake it up a little on these never-ending Mondays! For all you know, I am already on the road to somewhere you wish you were, or maybe I am sitting here at home pounding the keys … wishing I was rolling, burning the rubber off a micrometer at a time, drinking that cheap gas, hitting the stations not named Buckey’s, and doing the long run (a Texas jog). The only hint you have is the YouTube Channel – if more happens, like a report I did while sitting in Texas I35 traffic one time, I gurandamteeyou that is the FIRST PLACE you will find out where the rubber hit the end of the road.


I am looking for someone, who has a bone for random hitting of the road on a Monday’s notice – with me. Here’s the deal: I gotta’ go. End of story. It could be far, or near, but I am completely exhausted from DIY’ing it all by my “Y.” If you have the freedom, and an adventuring bone, hit me. Monday is the driving day, Tuesday and Wednesday are the fishing days. We head back from wherever to home – on Thursday (as late as humanly possible). Are you tough enough?

“At the end of the rope there’s a little more rope most times …”

Here is a list of James McMurtry’s tour dates – James McMurtry 2017 Dates.

OK, now you can flush!

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  1. shannon says:

    Sorry about that! You’re never around, so I just figured you weren’t around – jetsetter that you are!

  2. Mendez says:

    I’m off for 10 weeks and you post this on my first week back to work? Come on man!

  3. shannon says:

    Tides on the coast are peaking this week! Check your lake levels here –

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