I have been a professional photographer for thirty years, and have always been happy to teach others about photography. I certainly don’t know everything there is to know, but if you check out my photography websites at, and, you get an idea of the range of my experiences. Don’t forget the images you see on this site as well!

I figure it’s time to distinctly cross the line from photographer over into fly fisher. That means I now offer workshops for those interested in being better still photographers of fish, or better GoPro video users as well as how to edit and publish your images on the internet – to show your work to the world.

Photography workshops can be arranged for individuals or groups, and that kind of range of options means you have to contact me about what exactly you are interested in – CLASS SIZE / INDIVIDUAL and WHICH TOPICS. Once I have that information, I will send you a class outline.

I am also available via iSight to teach individual interactive photography classes online.